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IMSmachine is an animated, graphical machine tool setup program that takes the guesswork out of machine setup. Working standalone, or as a component of IMSpost, this software will enable you to quickly and accurately describe and test the most complicated machine tools.

IMSmachine features

  • Create your machine graphically
  • Define machine kinematics
  • Any number of linear or rotary axes
  • Any number of kinematic components
  • Simulation of machine motion for any or all components simultaneously
  • Measure distance between components at any position
  • Assembly mechanism for describing relationships between components
  • Export and Import of pre-defined components
  • Multi-view options
  • Library of pre-defined machines
  • When used with IMSpost, watch and test machine motion based on NC output


Load one of the pre-defined 3,4, or 5 axis machines, or create your own custom machine specification, and accurately test and simulate any machine position. Use with IMSpost to simulate machine motion in real time.

The intuitive user interface provides an efficient work environment, and the state-of-the-art development tools used by

IMS ensures you will have a utility to be used well into the future.

IMSmachine simplifies the programming of any type of machine, including multi-spindle and multi-pallet machines.
Take advantage of the IMS technical support staff to assist you every step of the way.

Source IMS Software

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KOLTECH Dassault Partner 2022
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