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Value stream management - a method of optimization of the production including designing, manufacturing, services and others - has long been a goal for manufacturers of industrial equipment. Dassault Systèmes is the first software provider that offers 3D solutions by combining various disciplines of engineering. Collaboration platform from Dassault Systèmes V6 enables manufacturers to go beyond the boundaries of the traditional PLM solutions by integrating 3D technology to create realistic solutions. A combination of standard business processes and realistic experience provides tremendous flexibility, scalability and functionality in the industry that are particularly suitable for machinery manufacturers who need to combine different areas of technology at different levels of product development.

Knowledge, in draft form relationships, is essential for successful automation projects. V6 technology allows the creation of networks and relationships between parts, which will allow the safe use of advanced relational design techniques to automate the design process. V6 includes some important solutions in the design of assemblies, including the possibility of variations in the presentation of the representation of application, the characteristics and operations of deposit such as a mirror. In addition, streamlines the creation of relationships and linkages between different parts in the assembly.

In V6, parts and drawings are managed as a representation of the product and each product may contain an unlimited number representation. Representation may be part of the CATIA GIF image file to a model from another CAD system. Representations may be asocjatywnie related sub-products, and vice-versa. In this way, sub-product may be dependent upon top-down requirements, and others but still associative representation of the product can be created for different purposes (eg, welding, assembly or treatment after welding.) Bottom line is that users can perform the task without interrupting normal operation, thanks to greatly improved performance. PLM V6 is the basis for all products, processes, resources, and simulation data management to enable international cooperation in many fields.

CATIA Live Shape revolutionize and give new direction to editing 3D models, allows ordinary users to quickly and easily modify an existing model. Modifications can also lead to B-Rep models imported from other systems engineering. The user can manipulate the geometry characteristics indirectly by changing the parameters without the need to save the parameters of these changes in model specification. This allows you to make changes directly on the modified geometry, which significantly simplifies the process of implementation of any changes.

V6, revolution and evolution.
From what we see is a clear V6 revolution, however, it is also a natural extension of the V5 platform transition from V5 to V6 is very smooth and the methodology is easy to understand for the user. The first edition of the V6 in 80 percent overlap with the content offered by the CATIA V5, which makes it ready for implementation in selected industries.




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KOLTECH Dassault Partner 2022
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