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PLM Systems

The increase of standards in the range of safe management of information concerning products, the need of integration of dispersed R&D centres as well as standardization of production and design processes have become the main marker of quality and efficiency of companies in the recent years. Compliance with such high requirements can be achieved thanks to the application of PLM concept - Product Lifecycle Management, i.e. a uniform data processing environment designed for a complex management of product lifecycle. This concept enables efficient and optimal management of stages of product development, processes of its market launching, service support until its withdrawal from the market.

PLM is, most of all, the establishment of information about a product (concepts, research, detailed design, technological processes, bill of materials, cost estimates, offers etc….) - the centre of attention of all departments of a company. The achievement of full virtualization of research, design, technological and service processes is possible due to effective integration of versatile tools of design support (CAD/CAE), technology preparation (CAM) and management (PDM).

Because PLM lives and develops, the company DASSAULT SYSTEMES continues this development by making use of the new available environment mechanisms WEB 2.0 in which the access to the world information in actual time and interaction within the society have gained a real sense.
The engineers, designers, salesmen but also the consumers expect a high level of information availability, interactivness, realism and quick answering which were impossible only a few years ago. Those trends offer new possibilities and challenges in PLM environment.
An optimum response to the market demand is that products are designed, tested, produced jointly by experienced designers, practically in actual time.
So the concept PLM 2.0 was born and just in that environment, DASSAULT SYSTEMES have announced a new revolutionary platform V6.
PLM 2.0 in version V6 offers a single, open and scaled platform of architecture which is oriented to so called SOA services, covering entire company. It makes available, in any location, engineering, production and simulation applications which are needed for the users to create in remote mode and cooperate.
In that context, V6 is a strategic solution because the new architecture of the system means a reconstruction of each PLM component in such a way, that all of them are based on the same core.
The users can choose among 150 complete design tools, addressed for the following fields:
Lifelike Experience - 3DVIA V6 enables the users to create in a quality close to reality and to make use of that experience in creation and promotion of new products.
Collaborative Innovation - ENOVIA V6  creates an open environment for cooperation in all stages of product lifecycle management on a uniform management platform IP.
Virtual Design - CATIA V6 offers new possibilities of co-creating of virtual projects inside a company.
Realistic Simulation - SIMULIA V6 enables the working teams, from designers to experts on simulation, to make use of the only in its kind, environment of cooperation for performing of realistic simulations and virtual motorist tests.
Digital Manufacturing and Production - DELMIA V6 offers the solutions of new generation for creation, sharing, implementation and optimization of virtual production systems.
PLM 2.0 „Online for All”  connects the workmates in a company, starting from project engineers, through project managers, up to production engineers, and also shares information for subsuppliers, business partners and consumer as well as any society, having the Network Access.


KOLTECH Dassault Partner 2022
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