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Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to maintain…

At designing of all our products, we have adopted the main rule of simple and easy learning of operating, using and servicing of the machines and at the same time of making use of the latest technical solutions. 

This rule is realized in every element of machine supply chain to the Customer, starting from the operation and maintenance documentation which, thanks to the use of CATIA V5 software during the design process, is featured by high simplicity and easiness of absorbing the knowledge by the personnel.

The second such an element is the machine control. The special program elaborated by us, enabling its free adaptation to the special demands of the Customer which does not require the knowledge of software typical for CNC machine tools, its clear structure and simplicity thanks to the application of touch and go panel makes that the complete learning how to operate the machine is easy and does not require a long training process.

Another element of the adopted rule is the simplicity of design solutions both in the mechanical part and in the electrical part. We make use of hydraulic drive as standard in all our machine tools in connection with the hydraulic elevating and centring system of the wheelset. This causes that the mechanical system is very simple and does not required special handling but only knowledge of principle of mechanics at the medium technical level. That all in connection with the maintenance works reduced to minimum of which the operator is informed by the machine control system causes that our machine tools are operator friendly and easy in operation through the entire life of their usage. 

We operate basing on latest PLM solutions …
Basing on our own Design Office, the created documentation is made on all stages from the technical guidelines to the final project making us of the latest PLM solutions (product life cycle management) – system CATIA and SMARTEAM

We do not restrict ourselves to typical solutions...
While listening carefully to our Customers and analyzing the directions of development of the rail vehicle designs in connection with the latest achievements of technique in the production of machine tools, we offer solutions substantially differing from the current offer of other producers.
When deciding to purchase our product, you will have the chance to cooperate, with the support of our experts, in the stage of adaptation of some determined elements (e.g. parameters, control elements, operating the machine, the way of swarf transportation etc.) i.e. to create the final description of the machine according to your early requirements. Of course, there are some limitations resulting from the basic design of the machine but you will be sure that the machine will meet the assumptions adopted for the repair technology ant the final product will exactly correspond to your expectations.

We offer the highest quality of products and services...
To ensure you the highest quality of the offered products as well as services, our company has implemented and operates the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2009.

loga dassault 2022
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