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Privacy Policy

The Service does not gather automatically any information except for information contained in cookies files.
Cookies constitute informative data, especially text files which are stored in the final device of the Server User  and are designed for the use of internet pages of the Service. Cookies usually contain the name of the internet page from which they originate, time period of storage in the final device and unique number.
3. The Service operator P.P.W KOLTECH sp. z o.o. is the subject which places the cookies in the final device of the Service User and which gets the access to them.
4. Cookies are used in order to:
  • Adapt the contents of internet pages of the Service to the preferences of the User and to optimization of usage of internet pages, especially those files allow for recognition of the Server User’s device and respectively display the internet page, adapted to its individual needs;
  • Create statistics which help to understand how the Server Users make use of the internet pages what enables to improve their structure and contents;
  • Keep the session of the Server User (after log in) thanks to which the User does not have to enter again the login and password on each sub-page of the Service.
5. Within the frame of the Service, two basic kinds of cookies are applied: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in the final device of the User until log out, leaving the internet page or switching off the software (internet viewer). The persistent cookies are stored in the final device of the User for a determined time period in the parameters of cookies or until they are removed by the User.
6. Within the frame of the Service, the following kinds of cookies are applied:

  • „necessary” cookies, enabling the use of services available within the frame of the Service e.g. authenticating cookies inside the Service
  • cookies serving for ensuring the safety e.g. used for disclosing of abuse in the range of authentication inside the Service
  • „efficient” cookies, enabling the collection of information about the way of use of internet pages of the Service;

  • „functional” cookies, enabling to „remember” the selected settings by the User as well as personalization of User’s interface e.g. in the range of selected language or region from which the User comes, the size of font image of the internet page etc.;

  • „promotion” cookies, enabling the delivery to the User of advertising contents adapted to their interest.
In many cases, the software serving for viewing of the internet pages (Internet viewer) admits by default the storing of the cookies in the final device of the User. The Users of the Server can make at any time the change of the settings related to the cookies especially in such a way as to block the automatic servicing of cookies in the settings of the internet viewer or to inform about their placing in the final device of the User each time. The detailed information about the possibilities and methods of handling the cookies is available in the settings of the software (internet viewer).
8. The Service Operator informs that the limitation to apply the cookies can influence some functionality available on the internet pages of the Service.
9. Cookies placed in the final device of the Service User, can be used also by partners and advertising providers cooperating with the Operator of the Service.
10. You can find more information about cookies under the address http://wszystkoociasteczkach.pl/ or in the tab „Help” in the menu of the Internet viewer.


KOLTECH SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ, 2, Gospodarcza Str., 47-400 Racibórz, phone 32 415 35 09, e-mail: koltech@koltech.com.pl is the Personal Data Administrator.

Katarzyna Klimanek-Rychlik, e-mail: kasia@tojabi.net performs the function of the Personal Data Inspector.

The personal data are processed by the Administrator:

  • in order to undertake action before the conclusion of the contract and for execution of the signed contract, 
  • in the remaining purposes related to the carried out economic activity and especially on pursuing claims, concerning the performance of the activity,
  • in order to employ workers,
  • when it is necessary to perform the task carried out in the public interest,
  • on grounds of consent – exclusively for the purpose indicated in the contents of the granted consent.

The personal data will be stored in the period resulting from the legal regulations, the contract and after completion of the contract in order to fulfil the legal obligation of the Administrator. Each person whose data are referred to, has the right to access the contents of his/ her data, their correction, deleting, limitation of processing, the right to transfer the data, the right to lodge a protest, the right to withdraw his/ her consent at any moment. The person whose data are referred to, has the right to lodge a protest to the Controlling Body when he/ she considers that the processing of the personal data which  refer to her/ him, infringes the provisions of the general regulation on the protection of personal data of 27th Aril 2016. The data will be transferred to other receivers only in case of legal obligation. The data are not transferred to the third countries.


KOLTECH Dassault Partner 2022
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