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Beginnig of activity – designs of special machine tools.
Start of engineering systems activity – partner of MATRA Datavision - France
1993 First installation in Poland of high performance CAD/CAM system (EUCLID3 of MATRA) in MASKPOL Konieczki – military defence company. 
Our biggest installation of CAD/CAM software in Poland – STOMIL Olsztyn, now MICHELIN.
Complete technical documentation of the first CNC underfloor wheel lathe in Poland.
1999 Start of production activity – first KOLTECH underfloor wheel lathe TUP650, dedicated for such vehicles as tramways, delivered to MPK Łódź Poland.
Distribution of PLM systems from DASSAULT SYSTEMES.
2002 First special driller WDL for wind power blades, delivered to Euros Ustroń Poland.
2004 KOLTECH as exhibitor at INNOTRANS exhibition in Berlin – launching of our involvement on international market.
First turn key project – modernization of depot in MPK Wrocław, featuring some new products as rail shunter, device for dynamic measurement and monitoring of wheelsets in situ of vehicle train, boogie turn-table.
First above friction drive wheel lathe TUU1250 for railway repair workshop ZNTK Olawa – Poland
2006 First underfloor wheel lathe TUP 650H dedicated for such vehicles as metro cars, delivered to Local Traffic Transportation Stockholm, Sweden
2006 BUMAR Sp. z o.o, one of the Polish leading Trade Companies, as Koltech commercial partner in international trade.
2007 KOLTECH becomes MSC Software Impact Certified Reseller and IMS Reseller
2008 KOLTECH becomes a direct DASSAULT SYSTEMES PLM Certified Reseller
2009 Installation of the first underfloor wheel lathe TUP650SH, dedicated for heavy railway vehicles in  Pol-Miedź  Trans Lubin, Poland.
2010 Establishment of Polish-Chinese Joint Venture company Qinghai Huading Koltech Machine Tools Co. Ltd
2011 Completion of biggest contract for delivery of TUP 650H underfloor wheel lathe, TUU 1250 Above Floor Wheel Lathe and Rail shunter WM 300 for Marubeni Taiwan – Project CKS rail Taoyuan.
2012 First TUU 1250 Above Floor Wheel Lathed delivered to German market.
2013 First TUP 650SH underfloor wheel lathe delivered to Moscow in Russia. First TUP 650H delivered to Brazilian market.
2013 Conclusion of agreement with CENZIN Warsaw as continuation of cooperation with BUMAR.
2014 Construction of a new assambly hall with office building in the Economic Zone in Racibórz
2014 Installation of diagnostic station PZK2 for measurement of wheel profile parameters and diameter when the vehicle is in motion based on very modern laser vision technology



loga dassault 2022
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