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We are a recognized producer of machines and technological devices in the world for various industrial branches, especially of special purpose machine tools for machining of rail wheelsets and their elements.
We offer the following products:

Underfloor wheel lathes TUP650, TUP650H and TUP650SH, which while using the same solutions and design concept differ one from another mainly by the permissible single axle load
Modern above floor wheel lathes of TUU1250 with friction drive designed for reconditioning of wheelset profiles working in roll-in, roll-of system
Special-purpose drilling machines type WDL for drilling of holes in blade roots used in wind power energy power stations have become an export hit of our company

Apart from that, we offer auxiliary equipment for repair rail transport workshops like: 

Device for dynamic measurement and monitoring of rail wheelsets parameters PZK,
 Family of rail shunters type WM
Rope winching devices type PLK
Overlapping machines for wheelsets PZD


KOLTECH as the integrator of PLM Systems renders professional consultant and training services for business area as well as very advanced engineering solutions. We are specializing in the integration of data and PLM processes with other applications inside the company and also in the implementation of computer aided design and manufacturing processes.

We offer:
Business PLM audits
Training courses
Writing of postprocessors for all NC controls
Service support

We have many years of experience in cooperation with companies from various fields of economy among others; airplane industry, automobile industry, high tech and many others. Each project is treated as a challenge. We do not create limits for our services. We engage in our projects only the experienced personnel, having practical skills and knowledge in a given field. We pay big attention to accurate understanding and getting familiar with the needs of our Customers. Satisfaction and confidence of our Customers is our priority purpose. We also provide assistance to our Customers in the most difficult and not standard situations. We apply unconventional methods of solving the complicated business problems while preserving the optimum costs of their implementation.
Every project is carried out with great engagement, energy and professionalism.


loga dassault 2022
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